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6 Recommended Websites for Product Design Inspiration

It happens to us all, we’re given a project or something to think about and the first thing that comes to mind is… nothing, typical, you’re having a creativity block.

So, what do you do when this happens? How do you get around having a creativity block?

Each designer is different and has various methods to overcome their creativity block. Most designers have resources they use to make their jobs a little easier, resources which will give them ideas, inspiration and guidance on their projects.

This could be anything from a number of bookmarked websites to a draw full of industry magazines or books, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter, as long as you get those cogs turning in your head again.  

Markets, demands & industry standards are constantly changing, it’s important for designers to stay up-to-date with the latest tools, trends, technologies and techniques.

I managed to get a couple of minutes with our Product Designer, Charlie Hill, to ask him if he would share some of his “go-to” resources and here’s what he gave me:

Aluminium Extruders Council


The AEC is dedicated to educating designers and manufacturers on the advantages and applications of aluminium extrusions.

“I often go here to educate myself on understanding more about the possibilities of aluminium extrusions. I also check out if there are new techniques on designing extrusions too. It’s a great site to go to for picking up a few tips and tricks”



Powered by Hydro (previously SAPA), Shapes is a hub of information & knowledge about the aluminium extrusion industry, manufacturing, materials and more. Here you can share your passion, knowledge and ask any questions you have regarding aluminium extrusions.

“I like to go on Shapes to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry. Shapes has some fantastic resources for me to get inspiration and further my knowledge.”

Aluminium Design


Sponsored by Hyrdo, the Aluminium Design website shares tonnes of knowledge on how to design profiles correctly, why you should use aluminium and the latest news from the industry.Aluminium Extrusion Profile Design

“Aluminium Design is the place I go to get a better understanding of design principles and to gather hints and tips on designing. I often go here for aluminium extrusion design advice which helps me with my profile designs.”


Core 77


Core 77 is a website for industrial designers from students through to professionals. The site publishes articles, forums, host portfolios, shares event calendars, holds job listings and hosts a database full of design firms, schools, vendors and services.

“Core 77, one of my favourite websites. I like to browse Core 77 to check out new products that are being designed, developed and launched, get ideas and inspiration and pick up modern design techniques from industry experts.”

Eureka Magazine


Eureka hosts a blend of innovation, technology stories and engineering for design engineers and design management around the UK.

“Eureka is a good place to top up your knowledge on industry news, materials and manufacturing. It hosts a wealth of knowledge and articles for design engineers.”



The social media platform that lets you share and save images, also known as pins. You can look up almost anything on Pinterest and not be disappointed with the results which are returned.

I like to use Pinterest as a starting point to get the cogs in my head turning, it’s a brilliant place to get ideas and inspiration, often the images you look up lead to interesting articles which can be very useful.”

So, there they are, 6 great places to help you overcome a creativity block, what sites or magazines do you recommend to overcome a creativity block or to help start you thinking about your next project?

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