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Construction & Architecture

The applications for extrusion in the construction and architectural sectors are broad, they range from the simplest decorative trim to the most complex and grand scale system such as curtain walling.

Curtain Walling

A curtain wall system is an outer covering for a building, to help keep the weather out. Since the curtain wall is non-structural, it can be made of a lightweight material reducing construction costs. Aluminium extrusion provides a strong, lightweight but affordable medium for creating curtain wall structures. Finished to a high specification our bespoke aluminium extrusions can also be used to give a weather-resistant coating or high-end look and feel.

Brise Soleil

In the typical form, a horizontal projection extends from the sun side facade of a building. This is most commonly used to prevent facades with a large amount of glass from overheating during the summer. We supply extrusions used in the manufacture of Brise Soleil.

Heating & Ventilation

Our extrusions, both aluminium and plastic, are also used in the manufacture of products for heating and ventilation. A typical application may be an angle section in the construction of a frame for an air vent or diffuser, or even as a blade in an architectural louvre.

Windows & Doors

We supply extruded products used in commercial and domestic windows and doors. We orchestrate the supply process simplifying the buying of extrusion in multiple finishes. We have experience in providing finished components that have been thermally broken, to provide an insulating barrier between the interior and exterior surfaces.

Balconies, Railings & Gates

We supply extrusion used for balconies, railings and gates. Our complete service was utilised during one recent project in the supply of balustrade. This hugely popular item required some complex aluminium extrusions, cutting, welding and anodising. We took care of it all and delivered our customer with palletised finished balustrade posts and rails.

Plus Many More...

• Ceilings, panels and partitions
• Swimming pools and equipment
• Access Equipment & Scaffolding
• Access covers
• Exterior cladding systems
• Roofing
• Stair nosings
• Ventilation
• Cladding
• Access covers
• Architectural trims
• Carports
• Sun rooms
• Glazing systems
• Flooring
• Roofing