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Orchestrating the manufacture, fabrication, finishing, stock holding, and distribution of your profiles can be frustrating and time consuming. We simplify your supply by providing you with a "one stop shop" service.

Tell us what needs to happen, then leave the chasing to us.

How it Works


We help guide the design process, optimising for cost, manufacturing viability, and production efficiency. Our team have cut thousands of dies, so know the do's and do-not's like no one else.


To give you the confidence to "hit go", we'll provide 3D printed samples or, if possible, a small production run. This will allow you to test your profiles for fit and function, so you know the end product will be ready for use.


This is the last stage you'll need to worry about, because we'll take it from here. Now that we have a design, we'll use our long-term relationships with a carefully curated list of manufactures to find the right fit for your project and profile.

Painting & Anodising 🎨

While the finishing stage usually aims to enhance the appearance of your components (and gosh don't they look good), coating your profiles can also offer long term protection from the elements.


With material now in-hand, it's time to get them ready for use. Our in-house fabrication department can provide an extremely high level of quality and precision, to ensure your profiles are ready for show time.


If you're tight on space, you may wish to utilise our stocking facility to help break up the amount of material you take at a given time. This comes with the added benefit that you'll only need to pay for the material as you take it.


We'll arrange transport of your goods either to site when needed, or to your facilities if it's used as a component. Just let us know how much you need and when.

Frame Assembly

The Weird And Wonderfull 

While the above process is relevant to the vast majority of projects, we know every requirement is unique.

Our network of partners stretches far and wide. If your requirements include bending, thermal breaking, assembly, foil wrapping, or perhaps even something a bit more niche, let us know and we can make it happen.

What Our Customers Say

"Professional company, with excellent communication and customer service. No end to help provided to ensure the product is perfect faultless. Keep up the good work guys."

"Everything perfect. Could not have found a better partner than BWC."

"Everything went well - Just like always!!"

"Everything was easy and perfect. Keep up the good work."

"We are very pleased with BWC and would recommend."

"Excellent. Professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful."

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