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Profile Fabrication

Our fabrication centre is designed to cover your aluminium and plastic fabrication needs by providing an all-in-one service that is built around your unique requirements.

Already Have Your Material?

If you already have your aluminium or plastic profiles in hand and need help with the volume of fabrication required or additional capabilities support, let us know.

We’d be happy to take on ‘free issue’ work.

Profile Machining

Quality solutions and experience to meet your profile fabrication requirements.


Highly Precise

We source and install the highest quality machines for profile fabrication, with an emphasis on repeatability, reliability and with extremely tight tolerances so you can get the best from your fabricated profiles.


4-Axis Machining

Our 4-axis and 5-axis profile machine centres ensure precise yet high speed machining for aluminium and PVC extrusions. In a single cycle we can slot, tap, drill, cut, mill, debur, chamfer, countersink, counterbore.


Innovative Solutions

For jobs that require a little more engineering, we have a wealth of experience in creating custom jigs, and using custom tooling, to tighten tolerances, speed up production, and achieve the trickiest of features.


Cost-effective long, short or metre cutting, with fast and efficient turnaround times.


Cut to Length

It is usually most economical to extrude either aluminium or plastic is long lengths to a rough tolerance and then recut as required to a specific optimized cutting list. We cut aluminium and plastic components from 5mm – 8mm in length with incredible accuracy and quality using CNC cutting equipment.


Mitre Cutting

Our fully automatic double mitre cutting (at lengths of up to 5m from 22.5 to 90 degrees for profiles with a cross-section of 150 x 150mm, and with a level of precision +/-0.1 degrees) is the ideal solution for any application where a precise aluminium frame with mitred corners is required.


Short Length Cutting

We offer a variety of special bulk automatic recutting of short components such as aluminium brackets, cleats, couplers, sash adaptors and tubes. These are available anywhere from 5mm in length to 300mm in length and up to a 600mm saw for our biggest profiles!

Complete Solutions

A complete range of fabrication solutions to cover your aluminium and plastic profile needs.



Punching is a cost-effective way to achieve high volume fabrication. This usually involves bespoke tooling, and we have both inline and secondary punching facilities in-house depending on the complexity of the feature.

Aluminium profile thermal breaking

Thermal Breaking

Thermal breaking uses small plastic strips to link internally and externally facing aluminium profiles in glazing applications. The plastic strip prevents cold bridging, and it is usually inserted in a process called profile rolling.



Deburring both aluminium and plastic profiles either by hand, using a belt, brush or vibration is a great way to give a clean look and a ‘safe to handle’ aluminium component. We can offer various types of deburring to suit the level of quality finish required.

Profile Bending

Profile Bending

Aluminium and plastic profiles can be manipulated to follow a tightly defined curved. This highly specialised process is often used in architectural applications to achieve an organic fluidic structure. 

Our Machines

Dedicated machines with complex features and tolerances you can trust.

Aluminium profile machine centre for fabricaton of aluminium extrusions

Extra Large 4-Axis Profile Machine Centre 300x150x8m

Mecal Kosmos MC305+

Added to the shop in January 2021, our new upgraded Kosmos machine centre can handle large profiles up to 300w x 150h x 8000l. It boasts a rigid tapping capability and can machine on 6 faces of an aluminium or plastic profile in a single cycle. Applications include milling, drilling, tapping, countersinking, and much more with excellent levels of precision and repeatability.

MECAL AXIS 5 IMAGE edited (1)

ARIEL- 5 MDT - 5 axis (X, Y, Z, C, A) managed by CNC


Our 5-axis CNC machining centre is a complete machining solution that is designed for high-speed machining of aluminium and PVC. The machine will cut pieces to length, using the MDT clamp system independently and move cut pieces to determined locations within the machine to allow end machining (as well as the normal face and side workings). With dual loading zones for seamless production and a saw blade with a maximum diameter of 450 mm (17.71″).

Mecal Falcon

Extra Fast 4-Axis Profile Machine Centre 300x150x8m

Mecal Falcon MC307

Our largest investment in fabrication equipment, taking our capabilities to the next level. With a bed size matching the MC305+, as well as axis speeds of up to 150 m/min, the MC307 can complete complex routines at lightning speed. In addition to unparalleled precision and repeatability, the added speed makes the Falcon perfect of jobs with a high number of distinct features, requiring a large number of tool changes.

Aluminioum extrusion mitre saw

CNC Controlled 5m Fully Automatic 450mm Mitre Saw

Mecal Argus SW453 Plug

Double mitre saw with NC positioned outward tilting heads with a range of 22,5°-90° using powerful DC servo motors and heavy-duty reduction gearboxes. Ideal for applications where many different cutting angles are required. Excellent levels of precision and superb cutting quality. The fully automatic function allows us to cut kits of varying length with ease and economy.

Plastic profile machine centre

Standard 4-Axis CNC Profile Machine Centre 200x200x8m

Mecal Kosmos MC305

Our standard Mecal MC305 can machine profiles of 200w x 200h x 8000mm long to levels of accuracy as tight as +/-0.2mm nominally. The Kosmos can drill, mill, saw, tap, countersink, counterbore, chamfer, deburr and engrave. It offers an accurate, economical and repeatable means to deliver consistent standards of quality in all aluminium extrusion and plastic extrusion fabrication projects.

Kingsland Punch

Versatile Hydraulically Operated Punch

Kingsland 50P

Developed for maximum production purposes and efficiency, this versatile, hydraulically operated punching machine can be used for large hole punching, crimping, tube notching, bar bending, sheet bending, punch press applications. Capacities based on material strength of 450N/mm2. Largest hole capacities: 38mm diameter (standard) and 110mm diameter (optional).