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Some practical examples of real-world applications for Aluminium and Plastic Extrusions

Since 1999 BWC has applied its extrusion manufacturing expertise to produce both aluminium and plastic profiles for a broad range of market sectors.
During this period, we have developed an understanding of the requirements for each of these sectors, and also the challenges they can present. With this experience in-hand, we're sure we can devise a solution to fit any specifications you may have.


Construction & Architecture

Aluminium extrusion is widely used in construction and for architectural purposes. We have supplied dozens of bespoke aluminium profiles to industry leading companies.

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Shopfitting & Interiors

From shelving to lighting, aluminium extrusions play a huge part in today's retail and commercial enterprises.

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Extruded aluminium profiles have many important uses in today's manufacturing environments. Our extensive knowledge and year of experience in this field make us your perfect partner.

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Working with you to exacting specifications, our bespoke extrusions are tried and tested in environments where tight tolerances and precision are required.

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