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Powder Coating & Finishing

High Performance, Colour Protection for Aluminium

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The Ideal Finish

Our powder coating aluminium service is the ideal finishing for your aluminium profiles, offering that extra layer of wear, UV protection and aesthetically pleasing colour.

Whether you already have your aluminium profiles in hand and are looking for a high-volume partner or you need to add the final finishing process to profiles already with us, we can help.

We also offer anodising, foil/profile wrapping and polishing as alternative finishing options.

Your Powder Coating Options

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Choose Your Colour

Available in a wide range of standard and non-standard colours. With colour matching, including the full RAL, BS colour ranges, also available.

Powder Coated Profile Render-1

Choose Your Finish

Matte, semi-gloss, full gloss and metallic. We can also offer additional coating capabilities such as anti-bacterial, anti-slip and anti-graffiti.

Textured Railing Render

Choose Your Texture

Textures such as fine texture sand, high-grip ripple and ultra-durable hammered can offer additional benefits to appearance and functionality.

Benefits of Powder Coating

- Seamless colour finish: gloss/texture options
- Consistency of colour between batches
- Corrosion and UV resistant
- Easy to clean
- Electrical insulation
- Enhanced functional performance
- Process includes surface pre-treatment and high temperature oven curing
- Solvent-free
- Industries include automotive, agricultural, defence, commercial, marine, medical and offshore


Greenhouse Profile Render


We also offer an anodising service for your finished profiles. The process can be used to add colour to an extrusion and improve longevity.

- Natural oxide layer
- Fade, corrosion and wear resistant
- Colour coats, protects and preserves profiles
- Ideal for heavy duty applications


Polishing is the ideal choice for a high quality, reflective finish to your profiles (for example: shiny table and chair legs).
- Smooths and removes any rough surface
- Enhanced wear resistance
- Increased corrosion resistance
- Aesthetically pleasing
Foil Wrapping Profile Renders

Foil Wrapping

Foil / profile wrapping allows profiles to take on decorative appearances such as wood grain, marble, stone, solid colours and high gloss finishes.
- Over 500 unique styles and finishes available
- Higher resistance against UV rays, humidity etc.
- Does not warp or twist
- FSC Certified


Our one stop service is designed to fulfil all your profile requirements.

For finishing, this means we can do small or large runs in different colour and standard requirements. Our stock holding facility also ensures you can call react to your customer’s custom orders quickly and effectively.