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Experienced Plastic Extruders


Orchestrating the manufacture, fabrication, finishing, stock holding, and distribution of your profiles can be frustrating and time consuming. We simplify your supply by providing you with a "one stop shop" service.

Tell us what needs to happen, then leave it to us.

How it Works


We're here to help navigate the design process, making sure it's cost-effective, feasible for manufacturing, and highly efficient in production. With our team's extensive experience, cutting thousands of dies, we know the ins and outs better than anyone.


To give you the peace of mind to "take the plunge," we can provide you with 3D printed samples or, if possible, a small production run. This way, you can put your profiles to the test for fit and function, ensuring that the end product is good to go.

Experienced Extrusion 🎓

No need to worry past this stage, relax and leave it to us. With your design in hand, we'll handle the trials and fine-tuning of your profiles. Once that's done, our dedicated 24/5 team will kickstart mass-production.


Now that your profiles are extruded, it's their time to shine. Our in-house fabrication department deliver exceptional quality and precision, guaranteeing that your profiles are perfected for their moment in the spotlight.


If you're feeling a bit cramped for space, why not take advantage of our stocking facility? It's a clever way to divide and conquer the amount of material you need at any given time. Plus, you can split the payment between call-offs.


We've got your back when it comes to transporting your goods. Whether you need them delivered directly to site, or to your facilities to use as a component, just give us the details and consider it done!

Some of Our Work


An Innivotive Architecture Business

How we facilitated the design and supply of their beautiful bespoke cladding system.

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A Leading Brand Management Company

How we helped them win a major contract by developing a perfectly balanced solution.

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What Our Customers Say

"Professional company, with excellent communication and customer service. No end to help provided to ensure the product is perfect faultless. Keep up the good work guys."

"Everything perfect. Could not have found a better partner than BWC."

"Everything went well - Just like always!!"

"Everything was easy and perfect. Keep up the good work."

"We are very pleased with BWC and would recommend."

"Excellent. Professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful."