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Standard Profiles


Complete Library

Our range of existing tooling and in-house expertise allows us to produce a wide range of standard profiles, in a variety of sizes, colours and materials.


Quick Turnaround

Whilst we don't stock standard profiles, we're able to produce large quantities of any length within a short lead time, complete with both fast and reliable transport.

milling-machine (1)


We're able to offer both inline and offline fabrication, finishing and assembly to all our standard profiles and can pack to any bespoke requirements.

Please note: 200 Meters MINIMUM

If you're unable to meet this, it may be possible for us to stock your section, then split the supply across multiple deliveries.

In addition to our bespoke profile service, BWC manufacture a range of standard library plastic extrusions

Standard library profiles make up the vast majority of plastic extrusion applications, from goal posts to blind railing.

Below you'll find some of the most common standard profile types, however others are also available.

Rectangular Box Section

Box Sections

Box sections provide a great strength to weight ratio and are highly versatile. Common use cases include piping, spacing and framing.

Circular Section

Round Tubes & Rods

Offer the same strength to weight ratio as box sections while rigid. They can also be found using a flexible material, to be used as bendable piping or sheathing.

beam (1)

Flat Bars

Flat bars, both rigid and flexible, are often used for edging, filling and bracing.

Angled Section

Angle Trim

Available at various angles and with both equal and unequal leg sizes. These profiles can be found in use as stair nosing, or in cladding/ façade projects.

U Channel

U Channel & Binders

U Channels, with both equal and unequal leg lengths, are often used as cable trays and capping. Ridges or barbs are often added to the legs to enable interlocking.

T Section

T Section

Available with multiple top designs, these also often come with barbing to allow interlocking. The top section is also available with unequal legs. These are usually used for mating boards.

I Section

H (I) Sections

Used for joining panels, or as a brace, H sections come as both a singe piece, or as two interlocking T sections.

If you're struggling to find a standard profile that meets your requirements, it may be that you require a bespoke plastic extrusion. Get in touch and we can assist with your search, or perhaps subsequent design.

Minimum Quantities

Whilst we do supply standard profiles, we are not a standards stockist, so do not hold standard stock "on-the-shelf".

Unfortunately this means we're unable to supply small quantities of standard extrusions in either aluminium or plastic. Please refer to the minimum order quantity section here for guidance on the size of your requirement.

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