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Bespoke Profiles


Design Assistance

Our in-house experts can help you develop a profile that's perfect for your project and is production-ready.


Rapid Prototyping

Once a design has been produced, we can provide a 3D printed prototype to test for fit and function.

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We're able to offer both inline and offline fabrication, finishing and assembly to all our custom profiles and can pack to any bespoke requirements.

Custom profiles, purpose built to fit your project

Bespoke profiles require a custom tool to produce, but allow us to create a section of any design.

Trouble finding a standard?

Most projects that use a bespoke section begin with an unsuccessful search for a standard profile.

If you've tried to find the perfect standard for your project, but it doesn't seem to exist, there's no need to worry.

Our experience allows us to help you develop a custom profile, within a short period of time, that exactly serves your requirements. 


Already have a design?

If you've already developed the perfect profile for your project, simply supply us with a copy of the drawings.

We can offer design advice if required, or if you'd prefer simply go straight to quoting.

Plastic Extrusion Tools

Tool Making

Our relationships with reliable and experienced tool makers ensure the best quality tools for your profiles, resulting in the best quality extrusions.

Plastic Extrusion Machine

Production Ready

Our plastic experts know extrusion inside-and-out, so they know the common pitfalls in design that can cause issues during the extrusion process. We're able to offer advice and guidance to help smooth your supply experience.

Custom Tooling

Custom Equipment

With some bespoke profiles, as well as standards, purpose built equipment is required for certain fabrication methods. Our experience in developing such equipment allows us to produce a great quality finished product.



Our CNC machine centre and automatic saw allow for many intricate and advanced fabrications.

Take a look at our fabrication capabilities.

Coiled Flexible Extrusion


Producing your own section allows for material considerations to be refined. Your profiles can be better suited to providing maximum flexibility, extra strength or a combination using coextrusion.

Read our plastic material guide here.

Design CAD

Your Design

Once your design is ready, we'll supply you with the 2D and 3D drawings and models we've produced. We can also produce prototypes, which are yours to keep.

See more about our design assistance.